First Congregational Church of Bridgton, Maine, was founded in 1784. Today, as part of the United Church of Christ, we are privileged to continue serving the Lakes Region and its many visitors.  Our people are our ministers: we try to make our lives examples of the love that Jesus taught his followers.  We seek to provide a spiritually safe place for all who would seek to know God’s Spirit, and are proud to join our fellow congregations in the United Church of Christ in bearing witness to the “still speaking” God.

The mission of the First Congregational Church is to share God’s healing love within our community and throughout the world. In response to God’s love, made visible in  Jesus the Christ, we welcome everyone regardless of race; gender; sexual orientation; physical, mental, or emotional ability; economic situation; or family circumstance. As an Open and Affirming congregation, we worship as one body, side by side, celebrating and affirming the diversity in which we are all created in the image of God.

We strive for justice and peace throughout creation by practicing good stewardship of the earth and by seeking spiritually positive relationships with members of all faith communities.

Here at First Church, we are passionate about our ministries in the local community and beyond. We are a home for those in need of healing. We are supportive and nurturing of all, wherever they may be on their spiritual journeys. We celebrate God’s gifts and help our community share in this abundance.

God is still speaking. Come listen with us!