May 6, 2018, “Freed by Joy”

A sermon on joy, to a congregation that can only be described as joyful…especially this morning as they were sitting, after the children’s time, covered in smiley face stickers stuck to their bulletins, jackets, and noses. This is the reference between the scripture and sermon to their goofy, beautiful faces. Our scripture reader is Lisa […]

April 22, 2018, “Keeping Quiet, Keeping Sabbath, Finding Joy”

Listen here to today’s sermon, on Sabbath and rest and liberation. Scripture passages are Acts 16:16-34 and Genesis 2:1-4. Our reader is Noah Garrison, and his pause in his reading is because our wonderful and energetic children needed another minute to exit the sanctuary and we needed a minute to catch our breath before we […]

April 15, 2018, “Amazing Grace”

Today’s sermon, “Amazing Grace,” includes reference to our Children’s Time (this is what Anne, our wonderful scripture reader, is playfully referencing when the recording begins). In case you weren’t here, the Children’s Time was about two different historic theological ideas about grace. The children were given two boxes representing the two ideas. I told them […]

April 8, 2018, “The Gift of All Gifts”

Today’s sermon contains references to two other parts of the service: First, when we opened the bulletins this morning, they were blank inside! It was a (surprising!) invitation to remember that the Easter season means God rewrites everything, puts blank pages where we thought we knew the story, brings life and hope and light where […]

April 1, 2018, “Resurrection Takes Root in the Darkness”


Our Easter service this morning started with awe and wonder, and rose to an Easter celebration (complete with children and bubbles!) at the end. Our sermon, which came early on, is a meditation on the beginning of the Easter story in John, when Mary went to the tomb and it was still dark. If you are needing […]

March 25, 2018, “Hosanna in the Highest”

Walk through the crowds with us. See Jesus coming down the mountain. Realize what is at stake. And decide: will you join this procession of love when it comes through town? Listen here to today’s sermon, or join us any Sunday to walk the path of Love.

March 18, 2018 “Finding God, After All”

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Our fourth sermon in a series called “How the Light Gets Through,” with church members sharing stories of finding God at work even in the hardest parts of their lives. Here Susan Dovell tells a powerful story of her sister’s battle with mental illness and then with cancer, and how God showed up in Susan’s […]