Purpose of Position: The Choir Director is responsible for working with the Pastor/Officiant  to lead the musical portion of worship services by directing the senior choir in musical  selections that enhance the congregation’s worship experience in the praise of God.  Given the proper skill set, may assume the additional capacity and responsibility of the  Organist and be known as the First Church Music Director. 


• Strong musicianship skills and conducting experience to direct a four-part church choir  and the ability to interpret various styles of music and implement them.

• Bachelor’s degree in music performance or conducting is preferred. 

• Knowledge of worship tradition and a sufficient liturgical understanding to select  music which is appropriate for worship. 

• A reliable and dependable communicator, whose leadership fosters community  building within the choir and is supportive of musicians of all skill levels. 

Job Responsibilities: 

• Help select and provide music for worship services and seasonal liturgies in  conjunction with the Pastor/Officiant, and/or church leaders. 

• Rehearse and direct the choir with the organist during the portion of the liturgical year  when the choir performs; early September to late June, approximately 45 weeks.

• Prepare the choir for Sunday and future worship services during the weekly 90 minute  evening rehearsal and during the 45 minute rehearsal prior to Sunday services.

• Coordinate choir rehearsal schedules, notify members in the event of a cancellation, and  send reminders for special events. 

• In the event of extended period of church services being held online, provide direction  (tempo and other musical markings) to the accompanist to prepare an accompaniment  and backing tracks for choir members to use for making music recordings for the online  services.  

• Maintain, organize, and expand the music library: Purchase new music as necessary  with budgetary approval from Music Committee. Select and supervise a volunteer  Music Librarian who would be responsible for the distribution, collection, and filing of  music; keep file records, and the music library updated.

• Submit music selections which are to be included in the bulletin to the Pastor/Officiant  and Office Manager in a timely manner. When unplanned events necessitate changes,  communicate them immediately. 

Salary is commensurate with experience and in line with the level for comparable  positions in the area.