What to Expect for In-Person Worship

We are continuing to live into our extravagant welcome by choosing covid protocols that will allow all in our church family and wider community to participate fully and with low risk. Thank you in advance for your patience and compassion as we find our way together! When you join us in person, you can expect:

  • to wear your mask, and keep distance from one another. In the sanctuary, you will be seated in every other pew (closed pews are marked with a ribbon across them).
  • to refrain, for now, from singing in person. Our music will still be pre-recorded by our extraordinary virtual choir.
  • to select your nametag from a table in the entryway (stick-on nametags will also be available).
  • to have the option of adding a red, yellow, or green sticker to your nametag. These stickers signify:
    • RED: Hi! Please keep distance from me
    • YELLOW: Hi! I’m comfortable being close enough for conversation
    • GREEN: Hi! I’m comfortable being close enough for conversation and fist bumps
  • to share any financial offering you choose to make as you enter. Our hospitality team will have a basket by both doors to receive your gifts, and will not move through the congregation with offering plates during worship at this time. Your offering will still be brought to the altar and dedicated through prayer during the service.
  • to be visible sometimes during the service to those who are worshipping with us online, unless you choose one of the pews specifically marked as not being visible by the cameras
  • to have some parts of our service adapted and streamlined. We will pass the peace with waves rather than hugs, announcements will be shown on the screen before worship rather than made in person, and we will share gratitude on notecards as we enter, to be read during the service by one of our leaders, rather than passing a microphone during the service.

This is our starting place, and we plan to continue to adjust and adapt as we live into this new way of worshipping together. As you have questions, delights, and concerns, we hope you will share them with our Leadership Team – it helps us to know what you’re thinking. We also appreciate your compassion and patience as we find our way through this season together.

Many of our decisions and protocols are informed by work published by the Wisconsin Council of Churches; the Maine Conference of the United Church of Christ has endorsed their work and encouraged churches to utilize their recommendations for their re-gathering discernment. You can find the many reports and recommendations they have compiled here. 

Online Worship on Facebook Live

Sunday worship is also offered online via Facebook Live. Click the button to the right to go to our Facebook page where you can join our live stream Sunday mornings at 10 am. 

Follow along with Sunday’s service with our worship bulletins! Bulletins for adults and children are updated weekly and can be dowloaded by clicking the buttons below.

How to Join Facebook Live