We lost a dear leader in our church family yesterday, and we came together this morning grieving Chris’s passing, and the passing of too many we’ve loved in this last year. This is a sermon written for that context.

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Jenny Boylan’s remarks that “God is love, but isn’t it more true to say that love is God?” are from: Rev. Jim Keat, Amanda Meisenhimer, and Jenny Boylan,“God and Gender Identity with Jenny Boylan,”March 31, 2019, in A Look Ahead, a podcast produced by the Riverside Church.https://www.spreaker.com/user/riversidenyc/god-and-gender-identity.

E. B. White’s reflection on Katherine’s plotting comes from E. B. White, “Introduction,” in Katharine S. White, Onward and Upward in the Garden (New York: New York Review of Books, 1979). (We also used this story in worship on Easter of 2018).