A sermon on joy, to a congregation that can only be described as joyful…especially this morning as they were sitting, after the children’s time, covered in smiley face stickers stuck to their bulletins, jackets, and noses. This is the reference between the scripture and sermon to their goofy, beautiful faces. Our scripture reader is Lisa Burger. Want to join in the joy? We’d love to see you any Sunday – we worship at 10am, and all are welcome.

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Stories about St. Francis of Assisi can be found in The Little Flowers of Saint Francis, a collection of stories from the 14th century outlining St. Francis’ ministry and foolery.

Paraphrase of Tertullian (“what an odd assortment of people. But see how they love one another!”) comes from Prof. Kathryn Schifferdecker at Lutheran Seminary as discussed on the podcast I Love to Tell the Story, episode NL319, “Partnership in the Gospel” published by Luther Seminary.