Listen here to a brave and vulnerable sermon as Amanda Moore shares testimony about learning to see herself in the image of God, and Rev. Emily preaches about our call to re-integration and make churches spaces of healing from toxic ideas about our bodies. This Sunday was Mental Health Sunday, and throughout the service we honored that we all have mental health, just like we all have physical health – our prayer for you as you listen is that you are caring for your spirit, mind, heart, and body, and learning to see yourself as made in the image of God.

Our Children’s time, referenced in this message, involved telling our children we had a “glimpse” of God (which they started calling a “peek of God”), and asking if they wanted to see it. When they said yes, we pulled out a mirror and talked about how the image of God is marked on all of us – so let’s be careful about how we see ourselves and each other, we never know which parts are made in God’s image.

The article, “How to Talk to Little Girls,” by Lisa Bloom, can be found here.

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