“It’s kind of a radical and brave prayer, then, thy will be done. It’s demanding that God interrupt all this, lead us from the mess we’ve created from trying to be in charge…and move us into the life God envisions for us.”

Today’s meditation is on the phrase thy will be done, and how it might speak to those of us who so often find ourselves trying to control everything. What would it look like to put it down and trust that God is in control, and God has something bigger and more beautiful God is inviting us to take on? This sermon discusses Sabbath practice and remembering we are not indispensable, and it explores the idea of God’s will and what it means to pray – to demand – that God’s will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Special thanks to Karla Swanson-Murphy and Kevin Murphy for the musical meditation, “Our Lord’s Prayer” by Albert Kay Mayotte, and thanks to Jeremy Hill for accompanying them. Quotations in this message come from:

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Bonus Post today: our children’s time was…hilarious. If you want to laugh, or think more about control, or really if you just want to laugh, listen to the wisdom of our children and the laughter of everyone in the room from today’s children’s time: