Sermon two in our Lenten Sermon Series: Things We Really Should Give Up. This week we talked about shame, and learned from the woman who touched Jesus Cloak (Matthew 9:9-13, 20-22) that we have the power to heal ourselves if we only dare to believe that we are loved.

I’m sorry to say we had a recording snafu, and our sermon for this week isn’t available in audio form. I don’t usually share my preaching notes, as I don’t write in manuscript form that is easily read; preaching is a spoken art. I share these notes with you today, however, in case they’re helpful to you or someone you love in the hard and holy work of letting go of shame and believing in love.

Sermon notes are here: More Than Enough 3.12.17

To read more from Brenae Brown, I recommend Daring Greatly, (Penguin Publishing Group, 2015). Or, check out her Ted Talk here:

Monica Lewinsky’s quote found in Jon Ronson, “Monica Lewinsky: the Shame Sticks to you Like Tar,” in The Guardian, April 22, 2016,