Today we gave thanks for Pride Celebrations and all the ways God has created us to be and to love. We gave thanks for good experiences of fathering and fatherhood and prayed for all for whom fathering and fatherhood has been challenging and hard. And we leaned in hard to what the Trinity can teach us about relationship, and then we were held by music from Jed Wilson as we reflected on all this and more.

With many, many thanks to our Guest Musician Jed Wilson for the Musical Reflection following this sermon, and for his permission to share it here, here is today’s sermon and musical response:


And a bonus this week, here is our choir’s Anthem, “Precious Lord, Take My Hand,” arr. Ringwald. We are so, so grateful to our choir for their music and spirit and their generosity in sharing both with us each week. Listen to today’s anthem, here:


Works Cited in today’s Sermon:

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The phrase from Easter Orthodox theologian John Zizioulas (1931) that “Love as God’s existence hyposticizes God,” is from Miroslav Volf, “Zizioulas on the Personhood of God,” (Lecture REL626B: Systematic Theology II, Yale Divinity School, New Haven, CT, March 26, 2012).