Samuel Cowan is a recent graduate from Lakes Region High School who is planning to attend St. Anselm’s College this fall. He’s been part of our church community for a few years now, formally joined in February, and was a delegate to our denomination’s 32nd General Synod, the national gathering of our denomination that happens every other year. Upon his return, he brought us an excellent charge to live into our discipleship, and let go of some of the “seemingly labyrinthine bureaucracy” the church is too often fond of. (This is one of Pastor Emily’s favorite lines of this excellent sermon). With thanks to Karen McNutt for reading scripture, here is today’s message:

To read more about the resolution Samuel worked on about following Jesus, click here.

And click here to read more about what Samuel calls the “hot button issue” of this General Synod, known as “Resolution 8,” which questioned whether a conservative fellowship of UCC churches that opposes the full affirmation of LGBTQ+ persons (known as the “Faithful and Welcoming Churches”) should be allowed space at the General Synod exhibit hall.

And finally, see here for full summary of resolutions from this year’s General Synod.