Author Phyllis Tickle writes that every 500 years the church has a rummage sale, meaning every 500 years we go through our church attics and closets and basements and get rid of some things in order to welcome a new structure, a new form, a new way of being. According to Tickle, it’s happening again. She’s calling it the Great Emergence. Are we, in Bridgton, called to be part of it?

The Spirit showed up in this sermon, as She so often does, and gave us at First Church an image for the work that is ahead for us…thanks to Frank, our chair of Trustees, for this suggestion! 🙂

If you want to be part of what we’re building here, what the Spirit is doing among us, you’re welcome here. Worship is at 9am through August, and then 10am in September. We’d love to see you, and to have you join us in what God is doing here in Bridgton!