For today’s Intergenerational Worship Service (all ages stay in the pews the whole time! It’s fun) we told the story of the wise people and wondered about the stars that guide us. If you listen here, you won’t see the giant gold star that appeared in the choir, and later moved about. You won’t be able to see our wisest or meanest faces. And you won’t see the newest member of our church family – our 13 day old Abigail who joined us for worship for the first time. But I think the story will still speak to you, I hope you will find God in it and find meaning in it. And, if you’d like a star word of your own, email us at and I will choose one for you and email you a picture of it.

Better yet, we have them here – join us any Sunday at 10am for worship. Grab a star word, and stay for fellowship, prayer, song, wonder, and fun. We’d love to welcome you here.