In our church we believe in children, which means on the first Sunday of the month we have the whole congregation stay in worship together, so we can worship and share communion as one family – and the wiggles and giggles of young bodies are just part of the music of the day. This week we had a full sanctuary: 183 of us sharing communion, baptizing two of our beloved friends Edie and Elliot, and reflecting together on peace. You might hear in the recording that it’s sometimes noisy, sometimes pretty energetic, sometimes a little wild. It is all of these things, and so holy when we come together as one family, too.

Listen here to our three short reflections from the day, or join us any Sunday at 10am – all are welcome, and we really mean all!

First Reflection on Peace:

(My yelp at the end of this first reflection is because some of our youngest were behind me ready to share a big group hug of peace! It was surprising, and wonderful)

Second Reflection on Peace, and reading from Mark 1:1-11

Third reflection on Peace:


Story about Angels protecting mourners can be found here: “Angels Quietly Block Westboro Protesters at Orlando Funeral,”¬†NBC News,¬†, June 19, 2016.