With thanks to Susan Dovell for reading scripture, here is today’s message:

With thanks to:

Horton Center, New Hampshire’s UCC Summer Camp, for the great experience!

Matt Skinner, “Poor Fool,” Dear Working PreacherJuly 28, 2019, which contained the line about there being no U-Hauls behind a hearse.

“Storage Statistics 2018,” Simply Self Storage, https://www.simplyss.com/storage-options/self-storage-statistics/, accessed 8.2.19, which contained the startling information about there being more self storage units in our country than Starbucks and McDonalds combined.

“Global Inequality,” Inequality.org,  https://inequality.org/facts/global-inequality/, accessed 8.2.19, which contains the statistics about 10% of the population holding 84% of the global wealth, with entry to that 10% set at having $100,000 or more in assets.

Quentin Fottrell, “Psychologists say they’ve found the exact amount of money you need to be happy,” MarketWatch, March 4, 2018, accessed 8.2.19, for the information on the Purdue University and University of Virginia study on earnings and life satisfaction.

William Barclay, The Gospel of Luke, (Philadelphia: the Westminster Press, 1975), p. 165, for the Roman proverb about money being like sea water.

“Gun Violence Archive 2019,” https://www.gunviolencearchive.org, for the frightening statistics about gun violence in our country.

May we all dare to make the changes we need to make to end gun violence in our country.