Today’s sermon contains references to two other parts of the service:

First, when we opened the bulletins this morning, they were blank inside! It was a (surprising!) invitation to remember that the Easter season means God rewrites everything, puts blank pages where we thought we knew the story, brings life and hope and light where we thought there was only suffering and death. Easter is, in many ways, the blank page, the re-write of what we thought the world was. We played with this image of the blank page and the new beginning throughout the service. (We found the rest of the bulletins tucked into the hymnals when we sang the opening song).

Second, right before this sermon the children’s time was about a box full of chocolates. I told the children I had Good News: the box I was holding was full of chocolates! Then I tried to send them down to Sunday School. They revolted and asked to see the chocolates. I promised them it was full of chocolates, and our Christian Ed director agreed she knew it was full of chocolates. The children demanded to see for themselves (wise children). We then talked about Thomas, and how sometimes Good News (a box full of chocolates in church, a risen Savior) is so good, we want to see it for ourselves. I encouraged them to always ask questions, and to not be afraid to ask adults to help them see for themselves when we tell them good news about chocolates or Jesus. (Of course, I sent them down to Sunday School to share the box full of chocolate).

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