This Advent, we invite our whole church community to participate in the spiritual practice of walking our Advent Spiral.

The spiral will be ready to walk on the first Sunday of Advent, which is November 27 this year.  From the 27th until after Christmas, the spiral will be up in our back field and you are welcome to come any time.

Our worship service on November 27 will be a unique service: we will begin together in worship as usual, and after the scripture reading, in place of the sermon, there will be 3 options for worshipers to chose from.  First, you may stay put and enjoy a meditative, musical prayer space led by our church musicians.  Jeremy will lead us in music, hymns and singing, and we will have prayer stations to light candles and say prayers.  Second, you may go outside to the Advent Spiral with Sandy and Emily to walk the spiral together, pray for each other as we walk, and get a blessing and stone from Rev. Emily in the center.  Third, you may choose to explore the week’s scripture passage in depth in bible study with one of our church’s spiritual leaders in the parlor.  After 20 minutes or so, the church bell will ring and call us back together in the sanctuary for community prayer, closing song, and blessing.